Mr. Midnight

Mr. Midnight comes from up the street somewhere everyday to dine in my office. He likes canned Friskies pate with tuna and extra gravy.

I recently dosed him with Bravecto Plus 90 day to keep the blood sucking fleas and internal parasites at bay. When he gets hurt or in a fight, he comes here and I take him to the vet and/or let him chill inside while he heals.

You can see his tipped ear from when I had him neutered when he first showed up. He was a stray, but friendly, calm and came up to be petted, even picked up.   I think when he went in for surgery, I may have referred to him as a feral cat instead of a stray and they automatically ear-tip all ferals.

Lesson learned: DO NOT describe a cat as feral unless they are totally afraid of humans and no chance of taming, otherwise they will lose half an ear.

Mama Kitty protests when he comes in the office to eat, but generally does not attack him or bother him which is a small miracle. 🙂

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